It happens to everyone on the road: you are driving and the vehicle in front of you spits up a small stone, hitting your windshield and causing a chip. Over time, that chip can begin to turn into a crack. As that crack grows, so too does the danger that the integrity of your windshield will fail, causing a serious risk to your safety.

Going online, many websites will give you DIY fixes that will allow you to fix the windshield without getting it replaced. The problem with these lie in the fact that none of them truly work. Whether it is adding nail polish, applying super glue, or “scoring” the glass, these “fixes” are supposed to be universal panaceas, but they never quite fix the windshield.

Of those common fixes listed above, one that has gotten the attention of numerous individuals and car experts recently is “scoring” the glass. Scoring the glass is the method by which a glass cutter cuts a small line at a perpendicular angle to the crack. This stops the crack from growing, giving you more time to get it replaced.

The Issues Associated with Scoring

The problem with this method is two-fold. The first problem is that the crack can only be a certain length: at most, the approximate length of a dollar bill. Many cracks rapidly expand, so if the crack is longer than this length—and it most likely will be before you may notice it—than you can’t score the glass. The other problem is that all you are doing is opening more surface area for dirt and debris to fill in and begin working its way across the glass. Dirt and debris inside the glass is what causes the crack to expand in the first place, so scoring it will only lead to more cracking.

The solution instead should either be replacing the windshield, purchasing the filling chemical spray that the professionals use, or having a repair company fill in the crack with the product you could have bought in the first place. Chemical treatment of the crack, filling it in with a substance that will replace the grains of glass that have been lost due to the crack, is the only way to fix a small crack. Large cracks, however, force you to have to replace the windshield.

It is a great suggestion that whenever you get a chip or a crack, call an expert to get an opinion on it. Many places will offer you the option to fill the crack in and if you need to replace the windshield they will do that in a safe and efficient manner.

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