If you are one of the millions of truck drivers that helps keep this nation connected, you may need to continually ensure that the components on your rig are up-to-date. Doing so will keep you efficient on the road and safe when driving.

While most truck drivers know this tip, many consider this only when it comes to the truck’s engine or tires. What many miss are the windows on the truck, including the windshield, the door windows, and any cab windows you may have.

When a problem does go wrong, truck drivers may begin to wonder whether replacing or repairing those windows are similar to doing the same on any other vehicle. In those cases, drivers may know how to replace or repair the windows on their family car and would like to do the same with their semi-truck.

The problem is ultimately that changing or repairing the windows on your big-rig are different from changing the windows on your car. The differences are few, but they are important enough to warrant you get it done by an expert.

Here are the Differences:

  1. The first difference is that the windshield and windows on a semi-truck are far heavier than the windows on any other vehicle. Due to their weight, they are more difficult to install by one person, and even if you are somehow able to lift it high enough, properly putting it into place is next to impossible without the proper aligning tools.
  2. The second difference is that the windows, particularly the windshield, must have federal and state department of transportation certification. This ensures the safety of the driver and others on the road with the semi-truck. If there is anything wrong with the windshield, say, for example, it was installed incorrectly, it risks the safety of everyone on the road.
  3. Finally, the third difference is the time taken to replace those windows. If you are doing it alone, it will take you longer to do as it is a more difficult job. The longer it takes to do it, the more money you and the company loses because you aren’t on the road. Taking it to a specialist who has the necessary experience and tools will allow the job to be done more quickly.

As stated repeatedly throughout this post, the windows on a semi-truck and an automobile are different, primary in the area of size and certification. If there is a problem with any of the windows on your rig, take it in to get them replaced in a quick and efficient manner to get you back on the road more quickly!

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