For drivers around the world, the most annoying car repair problem that they face is a cracked windshield. Most people ignore a chipped windshield, but for those who have a cracked windshield that need to be mended, the steps needed to take in order to get it replaced can be a bit daunting.

Don’t panic! There is a step-by-step guide that can help you make an auto glass repair claim without having the extra anxiety.


The first thing you should consider is what kind of insurance you have on the vehicle. In particular, check to see if you have comprehensive coverage, which will cover window damage that results from crashes, storms, and other events that can break the window. Also check the size of the comprehensive deductible and compare the cost of repair in relation to that size. If the deductible is more than the cost, there is no need to file a claim.

However, a vast majority of broken windows in a vehicle occur from such mundane events as a pebble hitting the window. In this case, the claim for the damage shouldn’t be filed under a car accident. Moreover, in cases like these, your insurance shouldn’t go up, but that varies from insurance company to insurance company. Here again, you should check the deductible amount, because repairs to the damage can be cheaper than the deductible, so you shouldn’t file a claim.

File The Claim with Your Insurance Provider

Next is actually filing the claim, which can be done by either calling the insurance company, going online, or going to one of the insurance company’s offices. The next step is for the insurance company to send an agent to inspect the damage and give you the options for getting it repaired.

Once both of these are taken care of, you can take the vehicle to an auto glass repair shop to repair the window. However, before you take your vehicle wherever you feel like, you should check with the insurance representative. Oftentimes there are specific locations that the insurance company has contacts with that they want you to go to. There should be plenty of options here, so pick one and go.

Take Your Receipt with You

The window should now be fixed, but the job isn’t completely done. All you need to do now is get a copy of the receipt and either take it into the insurance company’s office or scan a copy and email it. Check with your insurance company because they may have specific directions for this last step!

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