As spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, now is a great time to do the necessary repairs and updates to your home that you have been planning all winter. One common item that homeowners choose to replace are windows. When they go to the store to pick out their windows, they are confronted with the choice between laminated and tempered glass, both of which are suggested by experts for your home.

So what is the difference between laminated and tempered glass windows? There are key differences, but these differences do not take away from the fact that they are both more energy-efficient and safe than regular plate glass windows.

The major differences between the two are actually found in what occurs when they break. Indeed, by describing how each one breaks can help you understand what the difference is between the two.

What Sets Them Apart?

First, tempered glass is primarily designated as a “safety glass.” This means that when it breaks, it shatters into small fragments that prevent potential injury. Tempered glass is made by a process that rapidly heats and then rapidly cools the glass that creates a layer around the glass called a “skin.” This skin wraps the broken glass and prevents it from being too sharp.

Laminated glass, on the other hand, is referred to as a “safety” and “security” glass. The latter designation is due primarily to the fact that it is two pieces of glass that are forged together with a thin, inner plastic layer. That thin layer makes a big difference in strengthening the glass from breaking and, when it is broken, helps make sure it doesn’t break into sharp pieces.

These differences can play out in both safety and security features. For one, laminated glass tends to crack under a lot less pressure than tempered does. However, when it does break, laminated glass uses that special inner layer to make sure the glass doesn’t spray everywhere.

In the end, it is important to take into account what you are looking for when buying windows. If you are looking for a safer window with children around, you should consider tempered glass to make sure that it doesn’t crack as easily. If you are more concerned with security, you should consider the laminated glass. Both have their pros and cons that can effect what window you buy. For help with this choice, simply ask the experts who are working in the store to help you choose the window for your home!

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