You might not be common, but your car might suffer from a common problem – a broken windshield. In fact, broken windshields are more common than you would think. In fact, the most common causes of a broken windshield may surprise you.

#1 Car accident

This might seem pretty obvious, but unless you have a totaled car, you might not always notice. The extreme force of a car accident can cause fractures or breaks in the glass or make those that are already there that much bigger. In fact, sometimes you might not even realize that you have crack until it spreads a little farther. When in a car accident, always check your windshield for new cracks or chips that might impact the security and strength of the windshield.

#2 Rock chips

This seems like another obvious cause and it is because it is so common. Rock chips can easily spread to ruin and create a broken windshield that needs to be replaced. Especially when you don’t realize that you have a rock chip in the first place. If you run your hand over the glass and feel any depressions or places that your fingers catch on, you’ll know that you are in need of a repair.

#3 Bad installation

If your windshield is not installed correctly in the first place, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting a broken windshield. If the air whistles around it, you get wet in the carwash, or it seems to be loose, you should get it looked at as soon as you can. It just takes the right combination of heat, force and pressure to break that windshield – which could happen easily when you are driving down the road. If the windshield is not already broken, they may be able to reseat it and save you some money instead of you having to purchase an entirely new windshield.

#4 Low quality of glass

Recently, a family member of mine had their windshield completely shatter while simply driving down the freeway. This was at the MOST inconvenient of times – early morning on your way to the airport. The cause ended up being the low quality glass that had weak spots and fissures in the glass itself, leading to the glass not being strong enough. These manufacturing defects can be avoided by using a high quality replacement glass windshield.

Windshield Repair with Auto Glass Brokers

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