Keys to Auto Glass Repair

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Keys to Auto Glass Repair In terms of damage to an automobile, the most common, besides a flat tire, is a crack or chip on the windshield. Just like tires that are going flat, the damage from a chip or crack will continue to grow over time, further risking the integrity of the rest of the automobile and risking your safety on the road. While a majority of people would simply turn to an auto glass repair specialist to get the crack or chip fixed—which is the recommended route—others want to know more about how the job is done to either try it themselves or understand what the specialist will be doing. The key to auto glass repair, regardless of the window or type of damage, is sealing. Damage to auto glass necessarily breaks down the bonds between individual grains that can continue expanding on their own, while major windshield…

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Does Scoring The Glass Prevent Further Windshield Damage?

It happens to everyone on the road: you are driving and the vehicle in front of you spits up a small stone, hitting your windshield and causing a chip. Over time, that chip can begin to turn into a crack. As that crack grows, so too does the danger that the integrity of your windshield will fail, causing a serious risk to your safety. Going online, many websites will give you DIY fixes that will allow you to fix the windshield without getting it replaced. The problem with these lie in the fact that none of them truly work. Whether it is adding nail polish, applying super glue, or “scoring” the glass, these “fixes” are supposed to be universal panaceas, but they never quite fix the windshield. Of those common fixes listed above, one that has gotten the attention of numerous individuals and car experts recently is “scoring” the glass.…

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