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Your car’s mirrors are two of the most important things to help you see and maneuver in your vehicle. They help you check your blind spot before parking or changing lanes. They basically extend your eyes to places they can’t normally get to. So what happens when you don’t have one to use? Problems.
Many teenage drivers have come home the victim of drive thru restaurant mirror victims. My truck lost more than one mirror at the local Sonic drive through. You know those bank poles, ATMs and other obstacles? We’ve replaced more than our fair share of side mirrors. But it doesn’t have to be this way! You can protect your car and your mirrors with just a little bit of prevention. It will save you A LOT down the road on auto glass.
Rewind back to the road construction on the freeway. Those large barrels help keep driver’s in their lanes when the lines don’t match up with the current way that they would like you to go. Go a little to close and you run the risk of clipping one. Yup. Done it. In a rental car. Luckily a dealership had the exact mirror in stock and was able to replace in within an hour of bringing it in. That wasn’t how I’d planned to spend my afternoon on vacation, but better than calling in an accident to the rental car company after I’d declined the insurance…

Paying Attention

Pay special attention when driving near cyclists. Not only can you damage your auto glass or mirrors but a clip to them could not only be hurtful, it could be tragic. Give them as much space as you safely can.

When you are driving, keep a look out for unusual obstacles that could damage your car. You know that. But take the time to really slow down when you need to “thread the needle” or use areas that are much more confined than usual. Like the drive through restaurant, ATM, construction cones, turnstiles, toll booths, etc.

Here are the steps:
• Look for obstacles
• Give plenty of space to cyclists
• Slow down

These tips will not only protect you, but your auto glass and those around you. Don’t be another auto glass victim!

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