How Dangerous Can a Cracked Windshield Really Be?

Driving with a cracked windshield is more dangerous than you might think. And while it is common to have a cracked windshield, you don’t want to put it off. In fact, look to your own legislature. Many states require you to have a windshield that is free of cracks in order to be able to register your vehicle. Your windshield provides safety when you are in a crash. If you have a head on collision, you want to make sure that your windshield is intact. Why? It may not keep objects inside the vehicle, but the windshield’s job in a crash is more unseen to the naked eye. A windshield helps move the force of the accident to the chassis. This helps disburse the effect of the crash and protect the people inside the vehicle. Your windshield also helps protect you in the case of a roll-over accident. It is…

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Most Common Causes of Broken Windshields

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You might not be common, but your car might suffer from a common problem – a broken windshield. In fact, broken windshields are more common than you would think. In fact, the most common causes of a broken windshield may surprise you. #1 Car accident This might seem pretty obvious, but unless you have a totaled car, you might not always notice. The extreme force of a car accident can cause fractures or breaks in the glass or make those that are already there that much bigger. In fact, sometimes you might not even realize that you have crack until it spreads a little farther. When in a car accident, always check your windshield for new cracks or chips that might impact the security and strength of the windshield. #2 Rock chips This seems like another obvious cause and it is because it is so common. Rock chips can easily…

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